• Instant cooling and heating
    Instant cooling and heating

    Have the perfect indoor climate every day of the year. An air-conditioning installation that heats, cools, and ventilates

  • Tailor made climate control..
    Tailor made climate control..

    Whether a purpose built Heat Recovery Ventilator or a custom designed central ventilation system… Let us create and maintain your perfect indoor environment.

  • Multiple Room Systems
    Multiple Room Systems

    Whether residential or commercial ac, air-conditioning installation of  a multi room ac system allows multiple indoor units to operate from a single outdoor unit thereby reducing installation space.



  • multi-room

    Single Room AC

    For a permanent single room cooling or heating solution we have a wide range of wall, floor or ceiling mounted split air conditioning systems..

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  • multi-room

    Multi Room AC

    There are a number of options when it comes to heating or cooling multiple rooms allowing multiple indoor units to operate from a single outdoor unit..

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  • office-ventilation


    We fit and design systems that can help ventilate your home or any commercial premises, such as shops, offices, hotels, factories..

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  • ventilation


    Regular planned air conditioning maintenance is essential to ensure efficient, trouble-free running of any air conditioning system..

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Air Conditioning Hamilton

Air Conditioning Glasgow If you are considering investing in a professional air conditioning unit in Hamilton, then look no further than the experts at Polar Air conditioning. We are able to provide a comprehensive range of units suitable to personal homes, all the way to large commercial offices and warehouses. Furthermore, everything in between can be catered too. With units coming in all shapes and sizes, we are confident we can provide the ideal unit for you.
The experienced team at Polar Air Conditioning assures that the overall process of purchasing, installing and getting it up and running could not run smoother. Consisting of a variety of different team members, with many years of experience between them, you can be confident of a professional job carried out efficiently.
There are times when the heat gets too much to bare and in stuffy offices this can mean lower employee productivity, dehydration and uncomfortable working conditions. While the initial cost of an air conditioning unit may be high, cost savings can be made across a variety of indirect costs. Through increased efficiency and workload, the units easily pay for themselves.
Our range of units also means that we can provide a perfect set up for a personal home air conditioning unit. While the houses in the area are built to withstand the cold winters, many houses do not have sufficient ventilation to provide fresh air or being able to keep the house cool. Fortunately our units can provide that cool breezy feel and keep the air from feeling stuffy or dry.
Almost all our units come with built-in humidifiers, as well as dehumidifiers. This means they are not only useful in the summer but also in winter. This is because during winter heating systems dry out the air, while a humidifier will restore the level of moisture to a more pleasurable level. Contrastingly during summer, the dehumidifier aspects of the air conditioning unit ensure the temperature is at a consistent cool level, maximising the pleasure you can derive.
If you are considering to receive Air Conditioning in Hamilton, we serve across the entire local area and are happy to deliver and install all units. We promise to provide a professional service and will always be competitive in price. Beat the heat this summer, when you invest in a professional Air Conditioning Hamilton unit, you are guaranteed to have that cool feeling flowing throughout your house.

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